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metrotown salon, hair, hair stylist, burnaby salon Tired of trying Stylist after Stylist
only to feel like you're
throwing your money away?

Here's how what you can find a GREAT Stylist that you will truly Love

Imagine if you could walk into a salon and feel confident that any person there would do an AMAZING job on your hair! Now imagine how much money you would save because you didn't have to go from salon to salon, or stylist to stylist because it was only an "ok' job.

When you think of he salons you've visited, what did you notice, or how did you feel about the salon, the stylists chair you sat in? Here's some things we here on a regular basis

The stylist seemed to try so hard to sell me something

I tried to tell the stylist what I wanted, but she just did what she wanted.

The stylist didn't seem to be too enthusiastic, like it was "just a job"

I had color done, but it didn't turn out the way I wanted

There are so many salons around, it seems like there's about two on every corner. In fact, A business associate of mine who's been doing some marketing directly to salons informed that there are over 2,000 salons in the Fraser Valley. TWO THOUSAND! That's insane, how's a person supposed figure out who's good and who's not?

Maybe like you, many people ask their friends. They like their hair and ask "where did you get your hair done" It seems even pointless to look in the yellow pages. They look all the same, Do they Not? They put their name, a list of services, and their phone number.

Have you seen ads in the paper for salons? They aren't much better. Maybe they might even add a promotion, But is it good enough to make you run to the phone and book an appointment? Probably not.

Stylists like to say how much experience they have, what school they went to, and other useless facts about them. I say useless, because you and I both know that just because someone's been doing hair for the past twenty years doesn't mean they can do a good job.

FINALLY: The Secret Revealed!
Getting a great stylist on the first Try

Every had a friend recommend a salon or their hairstylist saying their so great, but when you went it seemed like it wasn't the same experience as your friend? When you see your friend again, she says, "so, how'd you like it" it makes it hard to be honest, so many people would rather ask a stranger where they got their hair done then a friend.

Lesson #1:

When you walk by a salon, what are the presenting? For many people, when they see a hip, funky looking salon, people somehow think that it must be a good salon if it looks like "this" I hope you're one of the people who's experienced otherwise. I hope you're smart enough to know that sometimes the little hole-in-the-wall cafe can serve great food, just like a less then perfect looking salon can give great results. So please don't rely on the looks of a salon to keep you from giving it a try.

However, One thing to look for is cleanliness. It may not have had the benefit of an interior decorator, but you can tell how much they care about their clients by how clean they keep their salon. If they show respect to their environment by keeping it clean and organized, they will do the same for you.

Lesson #2

You've heard the saying, "Knowledge is Power"? It's not about who you know, it's about what you know. The secret is in the consultation. Do they listen to what you're looking for? do they give you options? Do they do what you want, or do what they just do what they want?

Here's a little Known
Secret about Hairstylists

Now of course I can't say this about all stylists, because there are exceptions to every rule, There's two reasons why stylists often don't give you what you want: They either lack the skills necessary to do what you want for whatever reason, or in most cases, they feel that their idea is better, and don't bother discussing it because they think it's close enough to what you asked for. If they only knew the truth!

Here's another big question...
What is the Salon offering YOU?

Look, you know you can go pay $20 bucks in some cheapo salon, or fifty bucks or even more in some high-end salon. The questions What are you paying for? The high priced salon obviously has high rent, and are most likely paying lots to their staff so they pass the price onto you.
Look for Value for your Money!

You don't have to pay an arm and a leg for your hair. Visit a salon who gives true value! What is Value? Value is how much you're receive for the money you pay.

As a salon owner, I'm proud to provide amazing value to our clients. It's not about cheap prices, it's about HOW we offer our services.

What Salon in their Right Mind
Would Guarantee Their Services?

Have you ever gone back to a salon a few days later, because your hair wasn't cut evenly, or the color wasn't right? Most salons will charge you.

We Guarantee Our Services! That's right, If you're not totally delighted with your hair, come back to see us within 7 days, and we'll re-do your hair for FREE,

Earn Rewards with Every Purchase

Does the last salon you visited offer you any rewards? do they have monthly promotions? Most likely not. In my experience. salons seem more concerned about how their salon looks instead of how their clients look.... and feel.

We offer you points for every dollar you spend. These points are redeemable towards any hair service in the salon. You can learn more about our points by clicking here we also provide you many opportunities to earn BONUS points, so you can earn them more quickly.

Here's What Our Clients are Telling Us!
  "Glory is the Best!!! She will take great care of you and your hair. I
  just love coming into Nexus I leave feeling like a Queen!!! Thank
  you so much for being there for me" -- Heather in Vancouver

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  "Thank you so much. I just love my hair. I would surely recommend
   this salon to everybody. Thanks....Keep up the great work"
   -- Michelle Santiago


  "Thanks Glory. Your great service and the fantastic haircuts are
    very much appreciated." -- Laurie Dubovik

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   "I've tried many different stylists, and barbers, but I keep coming
   back to Glory because she consistently gives me a great haircut,
   and I haven't been able to find that anywhere else."
   -- Keith, New Westminster

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